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Invoking the Dawn.

The Later Half of Day

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I am the woman dancing down

the edge of consciousness

overlooking the precipice

of the future

poised before the mystery

of my tomorrow.

Weaving with my motion

the fabric of the day to come.

Illumination of the night

created by the momentary

sparking of my Being

as I harpily

invoke the dawn.

Witch Dancing

I am one of a sister circle of magickal maidens, mothers and crones from all around the globe. We are united by our Goddess-ship. We are blessed by wonders and everyday miracles, we are bold and humble spiral dancers. We yield to our powers of intuition, we are vigilant keepers of life’s sweet mysteries. We are not one, like the other…..and yet, together, we are one hope, one empowered wild whoop within the fiery darkness.

This is a campaign that I can stand behind for the full monty(so to speak)! I’m gonna make up a sign and hit the road, yeah!!!

LOL- Double Oops!

Sylvester’s New Year’s resolution was to always wear his glasses!

from STooPid MonKey



LOL – Oops!

I did not mean it like that, actually!

from STooPid MonKey



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