So very many years had passed

Since the time our love was blind

And though our roads had parted

You’d been forever in my mind

Came the day that I was walking

Through a lonely and torpid town

I saw that you were approaching

And I was spellbound

My head filled up with memories

Of times before you went away

The togetherness we had shared

Until you left that winter’s day

When I saw your face once again

My aching heart began to pound

I loved you once, I loved you still

And I was spellbound

You gave a soft kiss to my cheek

Looked at me in that special way

Said you often thought about me

I could not think of words to say

You smiled and you said goodbye

Then your smile became a frown

I wondered if you loved me still

And I was spellbound

We gazed at each other for a while

Communicating with our eyes

A tear was running down your face

You always said love never dies

I closed my eyes and prayed so hard

That forgiveness you had found

You told me that you loved me still

And I was spellbound

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