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Thor Lighting Up his Cigar!

He’s just showing off!
I added the black spray-on.


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Yea, verily! – LOL

Ralphie says: “Yea, though I stumble through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall not soil my underwear!”

from Cheezburger via Lieven






Don’t let it fall on your head!
Go and take a look in the header of the site at the Flag Log Blog!

To All our Readers!


I’ve asked Santa to blow a cloud your way,

a cloud of spores, filled with happy thoughts,

waiting to blossom into smiley dreams,

the dreams to become your reality! 

More Cheezburger LOL

Nice Message for the Lovely Ladies out there!



Is It Such a Sin?


Why do only the winged-ones hear my plea?

Why do only my canine friends see?

Not that I mind conversing with flowers,

it whiles away most dreary hours.


But how I long for a woman’s touch.

Is that really asking for too much?

Or just to hug a long-lost friend,

one that I’ve missed for years on end.


No children’s laughter to make me smile,

to come and sit with granddad for awhile.

Festive days get lonely without kin.

Is wishing for company such a sin?


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