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Ralphie Was Awake!

A Labrador Retriever in the snow.

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I was taking Linda for a walk today and she behaved like a lady for once! It seemed as if everybody and their respective dogs were out at the same time, which necessitated my keeping a sharp lookout. I do not know how much Linda weighs, but once or twice she nearly pulled me over, when she pulls over to sniff something or someone.

She was taking a leak on a piece of municipal lawn, which is strictly speaking illegal, but what the hey, it’s better than her pissing on the pavement, is it not? And I spotted an elderly gentleman coming to meet us, accompanied by a big Labrador. I was already ready to hold Linda on a short lead, when I noticed that the man was holding a rectangle to walk his dog, indicating that he was blind(I deduced). It was a lucky stroke indeed that I had my morning coffee already and was not stumbling around in the twilight zone today! Continue reading

Funny Dog!

I said: this is MY chair and I’m adamant about it!

by 'Stupid Funny Pics

Making Fun of Santa…

He really should have laid of the cakes and stuff…

From Stupid Funny Pics

I’m Rudolph the red-nosed telltale!

Snowman Misery!

Poor dears and horrible Wabbit!

From Stupid Funny Pics


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