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Why can’t All DAys be like This?

Super-cool, funky-daisy, spy-my brow flababulous and no whoopsit about it!

Hotdoggonnit, can you do that agin?

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Straight out of Dinglebat Street! Wonderful sound though…


US Navy versus Canada!

How in 1995 war was narrowly avoided between these two mighty nations!

Read all about it in this transcript of the radio messages between the two superpowers! It’s creepy, it’s haunting, it’s real!

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Hammock bed -

Oh shite, I forgot I have vertigo. Bummer!

Bring me a Kind Thought!

Holding Out Hand - by

How about it? You most a kind thought in a comment and I’ll post them in a separate article! Doesn’t have to be to me in particular. What the world needs more of, is kindness, no?

Btw, this is another way of trying to be more interactive. blogging gets kind of lonely sometimes, don’t you think? Everybody(including me) trying to do their utmost to shine is commendable, but without communication where does it get us?


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