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Don Q II.

Second Try - by Ralphie

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No, it does NOT involve sheep!

This guy IS hilarious. Rhod Gilbert…

A Dog’s Life.

Linda and I have developed a little ritual. When I change into my pyjamas, she starts to wag her tail already, in joyful anticipation. She sleeps next to me, not in the bed, you understand, but on the floor next to it. Standing up, her head comes to the level of where I recline, ready to doze off to the fantasy world of my dreams.

She then puts her snout between my head and my pillow and sniffs up my smell, to keep her company through the night. I cover her head with my blanket for a couple of minutes and then I kiss her good night. After this she sinks down onto the rug and heaves a mighty groan of contentment.

I do love and cherish her… a lot even, but being a miserable human, all this brings back memories of long ago, of spooning, kissing and hugging and  much more with my departed wife. I in turn then sigh, but not with contentment. I envy Linda her dog’s life!

Irish Comedy!

Check this out. I dare You! Tommy Tiernan Mass
Warning from the Laughter Authority: Not for sensitive souls.

Webby Thingies!

Strange goings-on on the Canadian Web:
DON’T do this at home, folks!



Post-it -

I wish my brain were a Post-it,

Hung on a refrigerator door,

But it probably wouldn’t stick!

I’d let that one slide, if I were you.


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