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Burning Down The House



Burning Down The House.

A lovely poem from the “Just Simply in Love” site!

Check it out, dudes and dudettes…

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Chiseling Away…

Fujiyama – from

Chiseling away at the Mountain-of-Life,

I fashion a tiny sculpture,

Of sorts…


Frozen cold turned liquid,
tumbling through the void.

Searching for a spark of light,
reflecting its surroundings.

A raindrop mingles with a tear,
glad it’s found a friend at last:

A heaven-sent companion
in answer to a silent prayer.

They Stole my Home.


I was trying to sleep, but I couldn’t. For some mysterious reason I was transported back to a day on the street, when my backpack was stolen. I’m in a house now, thank God. Now, what is a backpack? A couple of pieces of nylon stitched together. Throw in a couple of zippers and some straps and that is it. No big deal, right? What was in it? Some clothes, a couple of odds and ends and a pair of trekking boots, all second-hand. The whole deal was not worth a lot, in monetary value. Pity that the guy who took off with it did not realise that he ran away with my home. Continue reading


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