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‘Witch bottle’ found in Newark.


‘Witch bottle’ found on building site for National Civil War Centre in Newark


ARCHAEOLOGISTS have found a bottle used hundreds of years ago to ward off witches and evil spirits.

The “witch bottle” was found during a dig to pave the way for the £5.4m restoration of the Old Magnus Building by Newark and Sherwood District Council.

The grade two listed structure on Appletongate will house the UK’s first National Civil War Centre when it opens in spring next year, backed by £3.5m from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The 15-centimetre green glass bottle probably dates from the 1700s. Similar bottles were once filled with fingernails, hair and even urine, all contents linking a building with its owner, to ward off witches’ spells.

Will Munford, of Pre-construct Archaeological Services, said: “We often forget that people were very superstitious – it was part of their everyday lives. They thought that secreting such personal objects would offer protection from malign forces.”

Bryony Robins, Old Magnus Building project manager with Newark and Sherwood District Council, said: “We hope to display the bottle when the National Civil War Centre opens next year.”

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Those Joker Whales! – LOL

From Lieven Grillaert:


Thwarted! – LOL

From Cat Planet:


Yes YOU!!! – LOL

From I fucking love science:


Us Lazy Humans! – LOL

From Official Site of Montgomery County Animal Shelter:


Image by

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I really thought it time to call the pillocks-in-charge over at the Ligne d’Azur, the public transport net in Nice, about their exercise plan for obese and non-obese would-be (pfff, yeah right!) passengers. I asked the disgruntled lady of customer service (LOL!) to speak to someone in charge in their control tower, concerning flights over or anywhere near Mont Boron, where we live. She replied that they ran a bus service. I said: “Really, Madam!!? Opinions are divided on that subject. Did you know that it is impossible to actually see a number thirty bus, because the human eye is incapable of  discerning it. The only way to know or rather to presume that one has passed in the vicinity is by the sonic boom that one may hear reverberating through the valley at irregular intervals.”

She interjected that surely it could not be that bad… To which I continued: “Madam, the only time I have actually seen a number thirty bus was two months ago, when one was revving its engines at a bus stop in town, just as my wife and I rounded the corner.  We proceeded to sprint for dear life to catch it, only to watch the pilot advance his charge by exactly one foot, thereby indicating that he had left the terminal. We pleaded with him on our bare knees to let us board. He merely shook his be-goggled head wearily and pointed at a nearby hotel. Did you know that the Spanish have initiated negotiations with the locals about starting up a burro service around here, which would at the very least enable us to get from A to B, without having to leg it, and this for the price of a few carrots?”

At this point the lady excused herself, nowhere near profusely, saying that it was time for her lunch break and to please call back sometime tomorrow, to amuse her further. I should not forget to ask for Monique! I quiver in anger and despair at this airline.


The Captive


Beautifully written, kudos!

Originally posted on Linguistic Playfulness:

As gift of darkness, I’ll give you light. The words jumble all into me. And crowd the spaces and fill the holes. There is nothing left here but the beautiful poetry of silence and pages, rustling pages lit by candles, me cornered and reading and wishing the world away. I hold the books dear because they connect me to the rest. Source of my thoughts, experiences and words. Entire landscapes, lifetimes boiled down. To pages. To pages I read. In the dark. Where they cannot find me.

It’s easier to hide here. Easier to stay here. From the buses and the trains and the sun and the world. And the hard cold ingredients of reality. Jobs and salaries and bank accounts. In this darkness is solace. In this darkness my light.

On Tuesday in Brooklyn I sat in the chair and listened. And Dayo told me, gave me the punch…

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Doctors Without Borders is asking our support!

From Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF):


Doctors Without Borders is asking our supporters to leave messages of encouragement for our staff working in Ebola projects in West Africa. Most are national staff who come from the countries and communities where the disease is taking an enormous toll, and they are experiencing the devastating effects of Ebola at home, as well as at work. Let them and all of our staff know you support their efforts and please SHARE this post. Photo by Caroline Van Nespen/MSF

From Kim and Ralphie:22

What a Treehouse! – LOL

From Sustentator:


Cover Your Ass! – LOL

From ROCK 103:


From K-9 Cop Magazine:


Meet Mrs. Stud Muffin! – LOL

From Christine Anderson:


Meet Mr. Stud Muffin! – LOL

From Karmin:


From Spiritual Ecology;

Photo by Kobi Refaeli with thanks to Sacred Earth Pictures!


Not on TV! – LOL



Listen Carefully! – LOL

From Mamamia ROGUE:

I shall say this only once!


Wise Words From the Cookie Monster! – LOL

From Gedeeld Geluk:


It’s a Bargain! – LOL

From Q107 Toronto:


Meet Herbie and Hanna! – LOL

From Diane Macfarlane:

… the horsehead grasshoppers. Yes, these are real insects!


From autohystoria

From WOWK 13 NEWS:


That’s me to a T! – LOL

From 104.7:


From Sustentator:



From Grammarly:


On the Go? – LOL

From dirtgirlworld:


Stupongous or What!? – LOL

From Paz:



Cannabis patent for use against autoimmune diseases!!??


Here are two of his works, but you can check his own site <here>

These works are for sale, by the way!

S2013-26web S2013-42web

Wonna Get Dizzy? – LOL

From Mandatory:

Take a look at this! But not for too long… ;-)



Painters’ Model Agency! – LOL

From 1Click Comunicação:



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