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Weekend Loading! – LOL

From Reynaldo G Rivera:

Translation: “Weekend loading – please wait…  Have a nice one… hugs!”


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You Selfish Pigs! – LOL

From Angel Vivaldi:


Painting the Light.



Edging my way through the labyrinth,
I bumble-stumble, ever closer to my goal.
At times weary and distraught, I move on.

Onwards and upwards towards the light.
That light, so blinding, it masks the way,
but through elimination I shall prevail.

Never will I forgo of sweetest hope,
for the way there is as rewarding…
as the prize itself, to paint that light!

Men, Don’t Be Caught Naked! – LOL

From Nick Vengsgaard:

* Don’t be caught in public with a naked upper lip! *


Boketto at Work? – LOL

From Wake Up World:

* The Japanese even make ‘looking stupid’ sound romantic! *

10612579_748957641816477_7665650554775427415_n (1)

From Brent Farris Fan Page:

Did you see that!!!??? They’re not wearing gloves! ;-)


Random Irony!? – LOL

From Codeblack Comedy:


From imaginaryteaparty:

Vous Les Femmes—Vélib Attitude


All Hail to the Babemba!

From Spiritual Ecology:

Photo by Jessica Hilltout.

Photo by Jessica Hilltout.

The Babemba tribe of Africa believes that each human being comes into the world as good. Each one of us only desiring safety, love, peace and happiness.

But sometimes, in the pursuit of these things, people make mistakes.

When a person acts irresponsibly or unjustly, he/she is placed in the center of the village, alone, unfettered. All work ceases. All gather around the accused individual. Then each person of every age, begins to talk out loud to the accused. One at a time, each person tells all the good things the one in the center ever did in his/her lifetime.

Every incident, every experience that can be recalled with any detail and accuracy, is recounted. All positive attributes, good deeds, strengths, and kindnesses are recited carefully and at length.

The tribal ceremony often lasts several days, not ceasing until everyone is drained of every positive comment that can be mustered. At the end, the tribal circle is broken, a joyous celebration takes place, and the person is symbolically and literally welcomed back into the tribe. Necessity for such ceremonies is rare!

This story is originally from the book, Contact, The First Four Minutes by Leonard Sunin. The Babemba or Bemba people make their home in an area of Africa that includes Zambia and the Congo.

Mice Are Wisin’ Up! – LOL

From Martika Roizu:


From Sindho Baba:


Bamboleo With a Twist! – LOLLL

From Bandi Norbert Szabolcs on YouTube:

Bamboleo (Gipsy Kings) funny parody by Meni Ozeri from Israel


Shake a Dirty Paw! – Pause

From Benni Herd:

Translation: “I’d rather shake a dirty honest paw than a clean lying hand!”


From Ralphie’s

I’m a bit miffed that they don’t add him to my view count! ;-)


On-line Dating Doggy Style! – LOL

From Mommy Needs Vodka:


Happy When’s(?) Day! – LOL

As in “When is the weekend gonna arrive, dangit!”

Image from

Image from

Marvellous Wood Sculpture.

From Art People Gallery:

Shame they didn’t mention the author…


This Cruise Sucks! – LOL

From Sting Tung:

* Where did all the water go??? *


O.F.N.M.(A.)! – LOL

From Bob Vandenbosch:

O.F.N.M. = Oh Fuck, Not Monday (Again)!


Meanwhile on the Cruise! – LOL

From 1,000,000 Pictures:

We ran into a mountain! ;-)

Captain said he swerved to avoid a duck. Can you imagine?


From Age UK:

99-year-old Lillian Weber makes a dress for a small child in Africa every single day!

In the past two years, Lillian has made more than 840 dresses and she plans to make 150 by next May. The reason for this date is that Lillian wants to make her 1,000th dress on her 100th birthday which is at the beginning of May!

Lillian says she starts work on a dress in the morning, takes a break during the midday, and puts the finishing touches to it in the afternoon. She loves making the dresses even though she knows she will never see a little girl wear one.

“I could probably make two a day, but I enjoy just doing the one. It’s just one of those things I guess. I learnt how to do it and then I thought why not put it to good use?!”

From OsFamososDaInternet:

Science Breakthrough! – LOL

From Cosmic Intelligence-Agency:


Slow Down! – LOL

From Wereverwero:

… You’re going to kill us! :-)


Where is That Train? – Pause


Translation: “Excuse me, Sir, the train to a better world, please?”


Sunday Spinnings, The Code Book

Image from

Image from

I keep watching a lot of French television so that I can improve my listening skills in the language. Yesterday I realized that even with the sound off, and a French reporter translating from English to French, I can still see the American politicians mouth the same code phrases. Last night I realized that these same phrases are used by most politicians while in office. And there are a few codes which are given to their wives to use. It doesn’t matter which party the politician subscribes to, it doesn’t matter if he comes from a red or a blue state, and it doesn’t matter if he likes coffee in the mornings or tea. They all read from the same code book. It is a certain fact that power and money now writes the script for all politicians. Of course this can only influence those who seek power and money, and who will thereby do or say anything to stay in office or rise in power. I am wondering if you receive the book once you are elected to office. And who writes the book? Is there a term for the code book writer? Is he kind of like the accountants at the Academy Awards every year who brings out the code books in a sealed envelope from a black briefcase? And why doesn’t a copy fall into the hands of outsiders like the press and individuals like you or I?

If the press had a copy of the code book, there would be no point in asking questions after a press conference. A reporter could just check the box for the code used at that event. I am also wondering if the person passing out the code book goes over the book with those receiving it. Perhaps he says, lets go over it together and then I will give you a little quiz to see if you’ve got it. It would have been a hoot to have watched him practice the book with Sarah Palin. Maybe now there is a code chip instead of a code book, and once elected it gets injected into your wrist like a pet I.D. chip. Often the codes appear to be recited verbatim; no improvising, no clarifications, no exceptions allowed. As my mother used to say, “No ifs, ands, and especially buts allowed. Just state the fact.” Perhaps they are all like Cinderella at midnight and if they veer off code, they might lose their golden carriage, or they might have to fly in coach, or they might learn that they are wearing no clothes. Maybe they might even shriek, “I’m melting,” if they go off code. Can melted politicians be hired as consultants and multimillion dollar speakers? Not.

I have begun to translate some of the codes to make things a little more sensible. If trying this at home, please remember to say all of the words slowly and distinctly. That assures all citizens that you mean what you say. Also look directly at the camera, or mirror if you are doing this at home while saying the code, but then quickly look down to your notes upon completing the phrase. Make sure your hair is in place, or if you are bald make sure you are not sweating. And only use the codes from the book when you are properly attired. No athletic clothes, no pajamas, and no beach clothes.

“I support the great Constitution of our country.” This code is used when asked about gun laws. There are no longer wild “injuns” at the door to defend your family against, and the Brits are so over that nasty tea thing in the harbor. However, so as not to offend the gun lobbyists and other gun toting, anti-everything Americans, say this code slowly and distinctly.

“I support our troops.” Well this is a no brainer. Who doesn’t support our young men and women who are risking their lives for some assault that even we don’t understand? Don’t veer off code and talk about the real reasons we have put our troops at risk. This is not a discussion about big oil, communism, or the spreading of Christian “values”. Stick to the code and focus on supporting the families of these brave souls who will be devastated and heartbroken. Say this code slowly and distinctly.

This one is for the wives.

“I support and stand by my husband.” Yes, he is a lying cheating scumball. But hey, don’t be hasty and give up the house, the staff, the jewelry, the perks of being called the wife of ole’ whatshisname. My old auntie used to say, if Princess Di had just let him go out and play with horsey girl, she could still be in the cat’s seat. Poor Di just had to ignore her code book, even while the staff was lined up waving it in the air in front of her with big flash cards. Say this code slowly and distinctly.

“Israel has the right to defend itself.” Ah the topper most recently repeated about a trillion times around the world. I have watched in utter horror as 6 Presidents, all of their key staff, and all members of both houses of Congress have said this without any qualifications. Well OF COURSE Israel has the right to defend itself. All countries do. BUT, whoa, as my mother said, “No buts allowed.”



Living in Nepal, every day I see Western tourists enjoying the marvels this ancient city has to offer: the ornate temples, the colorful cultural traditions, the food-stealing monkeys and most of all, its rich biodiversity. In South Nepal, there are several opportunities to go on jungle safaris. The popular way to do this is by riding elephants.  It sounds quite exotic, doesn’t it?

Here’s what the tourists don’t know: The only time these elephants are allowed to walk is when they’re working. The rest of the time, they stand in one place with their legs chained, unable to move. This torment can last up to several days. It not only takes place at public tourist attractions, but also at privately owned resorts. Not only is this practice cruel, but it also creates health issues, as their foot pads get bruised and their nails cracked.  Due to poor animal husbandry practices, eventually their feet can become infected and result in diseases like osteomyelitis, which is not only painful, but fatal if not properly cared for.

In many countries like Thailand, Nepal, India and Cambodia, working captive elephants are used in tourism, logging, entertainment and religious ceremonies.  These majestic creatures suffer in so many different ways throughout their lives, starting with inhumane training methods to break their spirits when they are young, so that they can become easier to train. When the elephants are not helpful or compliant, they’re punished with verbal and physical abuse.

These are some things you should know about elephant rides or so-called jungle safaris:

  •  Many of the elephants are blind and wounded.

  •  Many suffer from tuberculosis, and even though treatment is given to them (generally), they rarely get a single day of sick leave to rest.

  • They are overworked. In Chitwan, Nepal, the elephants are forced to go on approximately six rides a day, including during hot midday hours, taking up to five or six people on their back every day of the week. The howdah, or seat, is a heavy structure of metal or wood that injures an elephant’s back. As large as elephants are, their spines are not strong enough to bear the weight of humans.

  • They are dehydrated and undernourished.  Most of the elephants drink dirty water and lack access to fresh fodder.

  • Elephants are chained excessively when off work (at night or during the day) and often cannot move at all. This means they have to stand in their own excrement and urine, which causes infectious diseases like Osteomyelitis.

So think before you act like a mere tourist and don’t fall for these traps. Insist that they be treated kindly when you see some. To read more click this link!

Words by Van Gogh!

From Van Gogh: The Life:

A quote from August 5, 1882.

Good way to start!!


WEeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! – LOL

From KHOP @ 95.1fm:


If Norway Can Do It!!?

From US Uncut:

Norway produces the largest budget surpluses in the developed world and has no net national debt. Norway’s miracle was built upon the highest corporate tax in the world, a wealth tax, and a 78% tax on oil profits.



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