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A Family of Writers! – LOL

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Rocks Have Feelings Too! – LOL

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And please stop saying: “You’re as thick as a board!” This promotes anorexia in boards, which is not good!!!

Art credit: The Awkward Yeti

Art credit: The Awkward Yeti

From I fucking love science:

smart highway

A smart highway that promises to save energy while improving safety was unveiled along a 500-meter stretch in the Netherlands last week. Interactive and self-sustaining, it’s being called the “Route 66 of the future.”
The project is designed and developed by Daan Roosegaarde and Dutch engineering firm Heijmans Infrastructure. Earlier this year, we posted about other Studio Roosegaarde projects: houseplant reading lights and bioluminescent streetlamps. Now, this glow-in-the-dark technology actually exists on the N329 highway in Oss, about 100 kilometers southeast of Amsterdam.
The road markings are made with paint containing photo-luminescent powder that charges in the daytime and then releases a green glow at nighttime. Roosegaarde tells Wired UKthat Heijmans had managed to take its luminescence to the extreme: “It’s almost radioactive.”

Carving Decorative Candles.

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Brenna Aubrey self-published her debut romance novel At Any Price on the Amazon Kindle on 9 December 2013. One month later At Any Price had netted a total profit of £16,588. Aubrey’s success is far from unique – 2013 was a breakout year for “indie authors” led by the phenomenal success of Hugh Howey. But Aubrey is among the first in a wave of authors to do what, until very recently, would have been unthinkable; turn down a $120,000 (£72,000) deal from one of the big five publishinghouses and decide to do their job herself.


Ebooks have changed everything and the traditional publishing establishment is not quite keeping up,” Brenna Aubrey answered when I asked her about some of the negative responses to her decision from traditionally-published authors. “I also think that in some ways authors who have been chasing their own dream deals take my rejection of the dream deal as a rejection of their core values and aspirations.”


The six-figure deal has been the aspiration of many authors for decades. A major advance – such as the $2m deal announced for Garth Risk Holdberg – can cement a literary career. But the reality is that advances for mid-list writers are often no more than $5,000. Aubrey’s deal of $120,000 was significant, but would have been split across three novels, divided with her agent and paid in instalments. When she cranked the figures Aubrey realised that – even as a debut author – self-publishing offered far more potential reward.

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Boooh to Virgins! – LOL

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Happy Twosday! – LOL

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* It is forbidden to go out alone on a Twosday! *


Guys After Sex! – LOL

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Ukranian Protests! – LOL

From Garden Design by Carolyn Mullet:

Someone planted tulips in potholes in Kolomiya, Ukraine as a protest against road conditions. I like this idea!


Thickness of the Average Male… – LOL

… over the Decades!

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Animals Are Entitled!

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Doggy Line! – LOL

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Gangster Talk Fail! – LOL

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Silvery Majesty.

Image by

Image by

Staring in you beauteous eyes,
I sometimes spy an older you,
in a mellow future dream,
of utter trust and silent understanding.

A vision of silvery majesty,
luxuriating in spent urgency,
as need blossoms into sharing,
along ages of lilting laughter.

A lake filled with tears of joy,
to relax our still-smiling bones in,
with the beat of our contented hearts
singing lullabies to one another.


Baby’s Conundrum! – LOL

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Fine Print Sucks! – LOL

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New Monty Python Music Video.


Monty Python release new song and announce final live show

Thursday 3rd April 2014 @ 6:30pm

Monty Python - 21st November 2013. Image shows from L to R: Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Carol Cleveland, Terry Gilliam, John Cleese.

Monty Python have revealed The Silly Walks Song - a brand new music track.

Primarily written for the sketch group to perform at their live stage shows in July, The Silly Walks Song is the first new creation from the comedy team since the 1980s. Eric Idle joked on Twitter: “First new Python material in a thousand years.”

A music video to showcase the release has been uploaded to YouTube (see the bottom of this story), with the visual montage presented in it featuring scenes from the Python films and TV series mixed with other stock footage.

The Silly Walks Song comments on society’s links with money and on the group’s reformation for a series of highly-paid O2 gigs this summer. Lyrics include “Money is the root of all evil – money is the fruit of sin – money is the root of everything.” and “Boring. Boring. Boring. Work all day, earn your bread… till you finally drop down dead.”

The track is one of five that will appear on Monty Python Sings (Again) - a forthcoming re-mastered, extended re-release of the 1989 album Monty Python Sings.

Eric Idle has been working on the new tracks with John Du Prez. The composer, who is a long-time friend of Idle, created the score to the group’s last film, the 1983 release Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life. He also created Brian Song for Monty Python’s Life Of Brian and, more recently, worked with Idle to create the Python-linked stage musical Spamalot.


Presenting: the iTit! – LOL

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* For some people it’s the distractions that make life worthwhile, but me, I always go straight to the — comma, ?/+ Dangit! *



First Official Climate Change Refugees Evacuate Their Island Homes for Good.


Photo via the Daily Mail

The day has finally come, and a critical landmark in the saga of global climate change is occurring as we speak—and hardly anyone has noticed. The Carteret Islanders of Papua New Guinea have become the world’s first entire community to be displaced by climate change. They’re the first official refugees of global warming–and they’re packing up their lives to move out of the way of ever-rising waters that threaten to overtake their homes and crops. The island they call home will be completely underwater by 2015. This story first broke a couple years ago, when it was first suggested that these islanders could become climate change refugees. But now that it’s actually happening–seems no one’s paying attention. And though the scenario isn’t as apocalyptic as some might imagine, life for the islanders has indeed all but become impossible on the Cartarets:

On the Carterets, king tides have washed away their crops and rising sea levels poisoned those that remain with salt. The people have been forced to move.

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Embrace the Love.

Image by

Image by

How could you be alone,
when your every thought and feeling,
your every action or inaction even,
reverberates throughout the universe!

You are supported,
from every angle,
by every single being,
that ever was, is or will be!

You are loved,
by anyone who ever loved,
as love is ever-expanding
and never exclusive!

From Maggie Mande:



Image by KOST 103.5

Image by KOST 103.5

Man’s best friend (Ron Reagan)

They are calling her “angel baby,” a newborn abandoned in the Lenana forest on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya last week.

The 7 pound 4 ounce baby girl had been placed in a plastic bag and dropped in the woods without nourishment or water. There she lay for perhaps two days, starving, her umbilical cord infected. She must have cried out, but along the busy road that bordered the forest, no one was listening, nobody heard. Well, almost no one.

“I had just reached the Lenana forest,” local Stephan Thoya told a Kenya daily paper, “When I heard the sound of a baby crying. I looked closely and I saw a dog carrying a baby wrapped in a black dirty cloth as it crossed the road.”

The dog— mixed breed, no name, probably a stray— was likely out foraging for a meal. She’d just given birth to a litter of puppies and they were hungry.

Now, this story could have taken an unfortunate and grisly turn but, remember, we’re talking about a dog. These are creatures who have shared our lives for at least 12,000 years. There is a bond.

Was the canine mother moved by the plight of this human infant? Was it just blind instinct? Whatever the case, she carried the little girl back to her own litter, caring for her as best she could. That’s where the child was ultimately found: nestled amongst a pile of puppies under the watchful eye of the mother dog. She was taken to a local hospital and is now doing fine.

And the dog? Well, dozens of Kenyans are visiting her home, bringing food and medication. One person has even offered to feed the dog until the day she dies.

However skeptical you may be about the intelligence of non-human animals, it would be hard to argue that, in this case, a dog— and a hungry stray at that— didn’t act more responsibly than at least one human.

Going to the dogs? Well, maybe… if you’re lucky.

Baby in the Sink! – LOL

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I Wants One o’ Them!

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Good choice! – LOL

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Join Me!

Afraid to love,
cause some ass broke your heart?
Afraid to care,
cause some jerk used you hard?

Afraid to live,
cause you’ve died yet again?
Afraid to be happy,
cause you doubt now is when?

A million reasons
not to let go of the fear?
When one is enough:
that you’re loved and I’m here!

In love with the blues,
when the Sun shines so bright?
Let go of your pain,
join me here in the light!


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